About Us


It’s that moment just before I step foot on the beach and start to cast. The anticipation builds. The excitement mounts. It happens every time I go fishing, every time I go east.


It was early one picture-perfect morning in May 2015 as I drove towards the Atlantic and watched in awe as the sun began to rise that the idea for Goin’ East dawned on me.


An intense, overwhelming desire to take my newfound passion for fishing to a new level overcame me. I felt compelled to share my enthusiasm with fishermen and their families everywhere, but especially to find a way to celebrate the sport of fishing along the Eastern United States. Goin’ East is the result.


I have my wife’s Uncle John and Uncle Ed to thank for the introduction to a sport that has changed my life. It was the two of them who took me to the beach, helped me land my first striped bass and then shared in the pleasure of cooking and dining on the fresh catch of the day. I was literally hooked from that day on.


Currently I can be found fishing the south shore of New York from Jones Beach to Montauk Point, often with my wife of eight years and our two young children. My dream is for us as a family to fish the entire east coast.


So, welcome to Goin’ East. Please join us and experience the feeling of anticipation and excitement that comes with setting off on a fishing adventure. I wish you many happy hours of fishing and would be delighted if you would share your pictures and comments on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Please share the joy of your family’s fishing with the Goin’ East family. Fishing creates everlasting bonds between family and friends. It has brought me and my family closer than ever. It has become an absolute joy in our lives. That feeling is the feeling you get when Goin’ East!



Creator of Goin’ East